Dining etiquette with Chui Ling

Do you trouble with complicated western dining etiquette ? To be honest, I’ve been photographing foods for years without knowing how to pronounce a ‘Pinot Noir’ properly. If you are having issues on western dining etiquette, perhaps you should date Chui Ling on her next ‘Charm & Grandeur Etiquette’ workshop….

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Malaysian Indian Food: Banana Leaf Rice

                        It is lunch time and you are in for an adventurous spicy meal to satisfy your day. One of the best spicy lunch meals to have is the “Banana Leaf Rice”. Located in various locations, many Indian restaurants…

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Recently, was awarded top 3 best art & photography blog by Mynic’s Blogrrr Awards. We did not anticipate this yet we were fortune enough to be awarded among the thousands of blogs nominated. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all including team for such…

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Where to buy food photos?

For many, hiring a photographer for just a few shot of food photos may not be cost effective. Once good solution if you are on a tight budget is to buy photos from stock library. Stock photo library is a collection of readily available photos that are for sale. One…

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Do I require a food stylist ?

This one often the most asked question when I plan any shoot for my clients. Food styling is definitely one of the most important aspect of food photography. It is impossible to take good photos from a bad looking food. There are a few scenarios to consider for food styling….

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Food photography lighting

  Lights would definitely be one of the most important aspect in photography. We use only the best lights at Profoto D1 is an example of lights that we used in our daily food photography session. These Sweedish made monolights are usually the preferred choice when it comes to…

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Food Photography Preparation

This is a common question before any food photography session is commenced. Most experienced food stylist, restaurant owners and chef will know how to prepare before a food photography session. However some newly established restaurants or eateries are often chaotic in terms operation and food preparation especially when you do…

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Cameron Valley Cafe , Bangsar

It has been an interesting experience shooting for Camera Valley Cafe located at Bangsar. If you haven’t heard it yet, the famous Bharat Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands has opened two new branches in Bangsar and Publika. Cameron Valley Cafe is a fusion restaurant offering mixture of Malaysians, Nepali and…

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Food Photography Tips

After years of doing food photography, there are some important aspects when it comes to photographing foods. Here are some advice that I usually give to my customers and my fellow food photographers   Speed Foods needs to be taken as fresh as possible. Generally all foods will lose it…

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ice cream photography

Ice Cream Photography

  Photographing liquid nitrogen ice cream is not an easy task. If you have not heard of nitrogen ice cream, these ice creams are actually made fresh without any forms of refrigeration. The materials are prepared fresh and mixed with liquid nitrogen which is actually colder than -190 °C. Liquid…

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