Food Photography Preparation

This is a common question before any food photography session is commenced. Most experienced food stylist, restaurant owners and chef will know how to prepare before a food photography session. However some newly established restaurants or eateries are often chaotic in terms operation and food preparation especially when you do not have the budget for a food stylist

Here are some insights that will hopefully help anyone who are preparing for food photography session

Choose the best 

If you are cooking foods for photography, it would be common sense to choose the best looking materials to make the best looking foods. This is especially true for garnishing or background items. However in reality, you will be amazed on how many times I encountered clients who rushed to the nearest market during the photography session as the potatoes are just too awful to be photographed.

Prepare as early as possible

Plan earlier ahead before the shoot. With extra time gained, you can afford to shop around for the best looking materials before the shoot. Raw materials have to be prepared as early as possible provided the freshness is intact. Burger patties can be prepare way ahead while lettuce can be left overnight. Plan out and improvise for your own foods. The day of the photography can be quite intense with limited time.

Planning shoot order

Plan the order of foods to be shot. Ideally, the not so important food should start first while the signature food should be shot after two less important food. Do let your photographer knows which is the signature food to be shot so he or she can put more priority on it.

Extra is always better

Always prepare enough raw materials took cook extra foods. There are a lot of instances where the end result of the foods do not look good and cannot be used for food photography. Do expect recooking for some foods that do not turn out good.

Plan the style out

Before any photography, I will usually consult my client on style of the photography. This will very much depends on your requirements that may related to your design requirement. Mood board would be a great way to convey requirements.
Hopefully this can help out for anyone who are preparing for a food photography session.