Food photography lighting


Lights would definitely be one of the most important aspect in photography. We use only the best lights at Profoto D1 is an example of lights that we used in our daily food photography session. These Sweedish made monolights are usually the preferred choice when it comes to professional photography.

What makes these lights really different than Chinese brands is the quality of light produced. Profoto is able to produce accurate color of the food that we shoot with very constant exposure. It has very short flash cycle duration Coupled with other lights modifiers, we are able to simulate a lot of different lightnings situation during a food photography session.

I will usually have a few of these lights with various power as backup purpose during a photography session. D1 comes with AIR remote and trigger that enables control remotely. I am now able to get rid of my old triggers and harness the full potential of AIR technology.  Aspects such as exposure, model lights and power can be adjusted with an AIR remote. Lights grouping can also be used with AIR technology. This is convenient as I do not have to get my assistant to be at each lights when adjustments are needed.

Lights modifier

Softboxes are great light modifiers and is one of the most preferred choice for me . Softbox has multiple layers of diffusers while the shape of the box made the lights very soft and even. Large softbox is able to produce very even lights while smaller one could be dramatic. I like to use a large octagon softbox as the main light while fine tuning all other lights along the way.
To be honest, there are no right or wrong with these lights as they can be used to produce different mood of lights.  A grid and snoot are great when I need some concentrated lights in certain areas in my food. Once a bluemoon, umbrella can be used to achieve harsher light effects. Filters are great if I need to blend some of the foods with the environment color temperatures.