K-tools Photostore review


K-tools is actually the company behind the Photostore product. Photostore is actually a website script that you can use to sell your photos online. It is somewhat different than other online galleries and Photosore is meant for full photo selling commercial use. Think about bypassing stock photo agencies and sell direct to your customers. You do not realy start a business untill you are the one who are receiving money directly from your customers.

Upon paying this product with Paypal, it actually takes a few hours for your order to get approved before you can download the script and install it into your webhosting.


Getting it Up and Running


This product comes with a free installation. However I choose to do it myself as I need to understand the product for future use. Installation wasn’t as easy as other PHP base products however it wasn’t so painful.

Getting this product fully running is quite a pain. Becareful with choosing your hosting as Photostore needs some customization and extra resources when running on shared hosting. Most of the time you will have to deal with your hosting support and Photostore support while you have to customize your own php.ini, if you have low technical knowlege and with plenty of money I would suggest you to rent Photostore instead from K-tools.

Do not host this product with Webhostingpad as I got my account temporary banned for high utilization from this script. I will be settling for a VPS soon

Getting everything in order may take weeks, you will have to setup your payment gateway and understand the product flows. The administration is not as simple as WordPress however is acceptable.



Photostore is meant for real commercial purpose. You can set to sell your photos via suscription base or per download base.  You can set the currency and size of downloads which is pretty cool.  Your clients can register and download photos by it size after orders are being approved by you.

All pages template are ready so you can just overwrite it with your own words.




Honest I’m a little bit unhappy with the support compared to other reviews that I have read from the Internet. Some tickets are unanswered for days and you are only allowed to raise 2 tickets at one time. I’m not really sure whether these tickets are being looked into and I do not get any new reply from it anymore. Possible this is what you get for buying 1 year support and the product for $249.00USD

There are also some flaw with this software however the response from support has been take it or leave it. Do expect reply such as “There’s nothing I can do with it” , “That is not an issue”

Most from the links from documentation are dead links which you will have to dig deep to find the documentation. There are plenty of issues which are not inside the documentation that you will require to raise ticket for it.

The latest version of Photostore is built with Smarty so you can fully customize the outlook of your store. However bear in mind that core code of Photostore is protected with IONCUBE so there are nothing much you can do if you are looking at modifying or upgrading some functions of Phototore.


If you are interested to look into this product




  • Getting your store running in weeks!
  • Sufficient features to get your store running
  • Good pricing
  • Smarty Templating


  • Not an easy product to manage
  • Support response
  • Documentation does not cover everything


I bought this product at 20%  discount coupon that worked for me!