Landscape and achitecture photography

Took me few trips and waited hours in the morning to get this shot

1. Shoot at the right hour.

Photography is always about lights and how it will set your subject. As a rule of thumb, always shoot when the sun is rising or setting. The lights during these hour is not harsh while the sun is low where it will create texture on the landscape. As a photographer, you will have to wake up earlier and shoot till late evening. It is tiring but sometimes worth the effort.


2. Composition.

Learn the art of composition. Try to be more serious when taking landscape photos. I find that often, most ametures simply shoot and run.


3. Use tripod.

Tripod is very important for landscape photography. By allowing your camera to be really still , you can allow more lights into the sensor and still have sharp images. This is important as the most beautiful hour of the day may be the very few minutes the sun sets or rises. You need stable camera to be able to absorb all the available lights.



Gadi Sagar shot in long exposure


4. Use longer exposure.

Be creative and use longer exposure. You can create movement of clouds, cars ,ocean and subjects in your photo


5. Use a CPL.

Circular polasizer is a must for landscape photographers. You can adjust it to get extra cold or warm tone. It is also very good to prevent glare on shining surface as well.  I love B+W CPL as they provide the best effect


6. Play with white balance.

Avoid using auto white balance when possible. Experiment a little with shady, cloudy or tungsten or other white balance. This will give different mode or effect on a photo

Everest North Face . Sometimes, luck plays a little. Many times you may have to wait days for the right weather.

7. Patience is virtue.

As a landscape photographer, you have no control over the weather. Somtimes you will have to wait for days of sunrise to photograph that mountain or famous landmark


8. Experiment with filters.


Graduated ND will reduce the contrast between the sky and land while colored filters will add effects and mood into the photo


9. Add something extra into the composition.

I find that somehow, if you add a little bit of tiny subject into a photo, it will introduce an entire new mood into the photo

Adding a fisherman creates mood.

10. Use trigger

Sometimes pressing your shutter may cause shake which may blur your photo. It would be good to use a trigger or even timer if you don’t have trigger during photography