Selling Photos Online



Selling your photo has not been so much easier with internet. The best thing about stock photography is it’s a great passive and side source of income. Think about sleeping or doing your full time job while your photos are generating profit for you.  It’s great if you are looking at to capitalize your beautiful photos to money. Here are some  list of agencies for great stock photography  start up. Most of the agencies are free registration, however you may need a copy of your passport to activate your account.


Shutterstock is one hell of an agency. It’s one of the best micro stock agencies out there.


Pros : Sells easily, beginner friendly where you get push of sales

Cons:  First ten initial review is tough (some tips shoot business people isolated in white to pass first 10)  , Shutterstock is getting fussier day by day





Old timer agency , fair.


Pros: The thing is photos that don’t sell well on other agencies sells here. No reviews!

Cons:  Getting very fussy with photos. Do not submit almost similar photos as you will get rejection.





An agency based in europe, fair

Pros: Earnings are in euro!

Cons : You have to pay 2USD to activate your account




Fairly new agency, it used to pay people for approved photos. Not anymore

Pros: good for beginners

Cons: Not so much sales



Fotolia, no comment

Pros:  Pretty ok sales

Cons:  Very unfair agency




How to pass initial review on these agencies ?

There are easier acceptable photos , avoid submitting natures,landscape as they get hard to approve for the initial review unless they are really exceptional.  You can always submit them once you got your account reviewed. Here are some type of photos which I believe may get you trough easier.

  1. Shoot business people with studio lights and submit them with model release
  2. Shoot conceptual shot with creativity  with studio lights
  3. Shoot still life,products with studio lights
  4. Check for low noise. Zoom to 100% and clear up the noise
  5. Make sure photos are sharp