Where to buy food photos?

For many, hiring a photographer for just a few shot of food photos may not be cost effective. Once good solution if you are on a tight budget is to buy photos from stock library. Stock photo library is a collection of readily available photos that are for sale. One of the downside of using photos from stock library is that you may not able to match the photos to your requirement.

Today, there are plenty of royalty free photos that you can find at stock library on a reasonable price. Although there are many photos offered by these international sites, one issue faced by local buyers is the limited number of Malaysian based content on these sites.Photostockit.com is one such site that offers photo for sale at competitive price. This stock photo site is very focused on Malaysian and Asian based content

You will be able to find content ranging from Malaysia businessman to various types of popular Malaysian cuisines such as Nasi Lemak and et cetera.  There are currently near 10,000 royalty free photos on the site and it is increasing at steady pace.  Prices varies according to sizes with large size of 2721px costing RM30 while an extended license unlimited usage may cost up to RM 270.00. You will need to register to be able to buy the photos. Feel free to browse through food and drink photos for sale on the link below